Industrial Network and IP Project Consulting

We offer project consulting services for industrial initiatives all across Australia. Get in contact with us to find out how we can help you with our expertise.

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Needs Analysis and Technology Selection

For us to provide you with expert feedback we must first conduct a needs analysis and technology selection. It is here that we collect all of the necessary information to meet and exceed your project requirements.



Capacity Planning, IP Network Design, and Project Planning

The design phase of our consultation service assesses the above elements.

  1. Capacity Planning refers to the network requirements your project consists of.
  2. IP Network Design is the development and design of your network blueprint.
  3. Project Planning is the general resources and timeline required for your project.



Certification Training, SAT Protocol, Network Audit and Optimisation Services

Deployment is the phase in which we establish the prior planning and design. We ensure that all requirements are met including certification training, SAT protocol, network audit and osptimisation services.

We leave no stone unturned giving you our quality guarantee.



Preventative Maintenance, Software Upgrade and Long-Term Warranty Plans

Once implemented, we make sure that our infrastructure continues to perform at a high level. Maintenance and software upgrades are included in our contracting services as well as long-term warranty plans.

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