Date : Aug 3,2009
Subject : Product Release – LPES-2208CA, 8x10/100TX + 2 dual speed SFP combo SNMP POE Switch

IEEE POE 802.3af has been becoming a popular technology for wireless and surveillance application, in which it can eliminate the need to have additional electricity installed at difficult corner places to get power from.  The POE technology is to address this problem by driving power over simple Ethernet cat-5e or 6 cables.   The most common standard PoE technology is 48V with up to 15.4W power over Ethernet cable, howevever, there is demand for bigger power, so a new standard is on the way up to 30W, called PoE Plus.  The initial PoE technology has mid-span and end-point technologies by using different pin assignment of 4,5,7,8(mid-span) and 1,2,3,6(end-point).   Nowaday, the end-point(1,2,3,6) is widely used with PoE switch product.

Lantech new LPES-2208CA is a 8-Port 10/100TX built in 8 PoE Injectors + 2-Port 10/100/1000T / Dual Speed SFP combo Managed Switch with SNMP and “X-Ring” Self-Heal Recovery functionality. The SNMP features are including QoS for 4 queues, 801.q VLAN, IGMP snooping and query mode as well as SNTP and SMTP.

Lantech new LPES-2208CA supports Pro-Ring, fast network recovery scheme in less than 10ms.  Couple Ring is to ensure network recovery protection between two Pro-Ring groups.  Dual homing is to back up the Pro-Ring groups when connect to upper layer or core switch.
LPES-2208CA supports 48V input power and fully complies with IEEE802.3af feeding power up to 15.4W per port up to 8 ports via twisted pair cable.

Lantech-View is free bundle with LPES-2208CA, in which it monitors and configures multiple Lantech industrial switches up to 10.  Lantech LPES-2208CA is the best switch to use in Surveillance, Traffic Management, Automation, Airport, Wireless backhaul etc where PoE function and SNMP are required.

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