Lantech Announces Universal Redundant Fiber Controller Series

March 15, 2011

Lantech Communications Global, Inc. announces a new product line: Universal Redundant Fiber Controller, which consists of three models: IFR-0202-SC, IFR-0202-LC, and IFR-0202-ST.

The Universal Redundant Fiber Controller is a 4 x 4 industrial optical fiber controller with several selectable types of fiber connectors. The controller automatically switches network traffic through added in-line devices or bypasses devices that are about to be removed, and prevents link failure when attached in-line devices lose power by powering the controller and in-line device from the same power source. Prime use of this product line would be production, robotics, and wind power applications, where IFR-0202 could provide a permanent and trouble-free access port for in-line network devices.

Other Features:

  • High-speed optical switching (<5ms) with minimal insertion loss (Max 1 6dB as Bypass Mode)
  • Tested and compatible with all major manufacturers’ in-line devices
  • 30 Seconds Boot Up Delay Design
  • IP30 metal housing
  • Operating Temperature: -5°C to +70°C
  • Redundant power supply 9 to 56VDC
  • 5 years warranty

For more detail, please visit our product page.