Taiwan military base is upgrading MICS system (Mobile Information & Communication System) throughout island for consecutive 3 years. The new infrastructure is IP-based for Telephony, Video, Surveillance and GPS timing applications in which they are built by Fiber optic, Wireless and xDSL connection.
Lantech's products are used in this projects are SNMP Fiber optic converter chassis (MC-216 TS-1000 chassis and CM-011-SC/ST), PoE switches (LPES-2224C-RPS and PoS-102A), L2 switches (LES-2224C). "We chose to use Lantech products because they provide complete solution for this project and all configurations can be made by CLI or Telnet, plus their support and service is superb. I specially like the features of PoE switches which they can be connected to redundant power, and this is very important for IP phone, wireless applications" said Randy in A company, a SI company for over 15 years.
Please see the partial network diagram as follows:
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