Dec 2013

As one of the most important infrastructure of our daily life, to utilize and optimize traffic system is always the top priority to every government. Fortunately, the safer, more efficient and green transportation is able to achieve via intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Lantech delivers best industrial switches for ITS solution, from rugged hardware to powerful yet intuitive software function... [Learn more]

This month, Lantech is going to share a case from South Korea. It's about to bulit up the reliable network for Lane Control System of the conutry's most heavily travelled expressway... [Learn more]

Full Giga speed with IEEE802.3at/af PoE up to 30W per port. Support all powerful yet intuitive features of 3 series... [Learn more]

Support IEEE802.3at/af PoE standard with feature-rich functions of 3 series and rugged design for harsh environment... [Learn more]

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