Sep 2014

This month, Lantech is going to share a case from Romania. Deva, the capital of Hunedoara County, Romania, is a historical city with population of less than 60,000 (2011). The beautiful city has built its CCTV city surveillance system with Lantech industrial PoE switches and Sony’s PTZ dome cameras... [Learn more]

As one of the most important infrastructure, railway transportation always comes with flows of people, merchandise, and money. Lantech delivers a complete product line with rugged network capability to handle massive traffic information timely and accurately without interruptions... [Learn more]
This case is about to bulit up the tram networking system for Helsinki, Finland. Being one of the oldest electrified tram networks in the world, the company keeps upgrading its system with the latest IP technology... [Learn more]
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As one of the most important infrastructure of our daily life, to utilize and optimize traffic system is always the top priority to every government. Fortunately, the safer, more efficient and green transportation is able to achieve via intelligent transportation systems (ITS)... [Learn more]
This case is about to bulit up the reliable network for Lane Control System of South Korea's most heavily travelled expressway... [Learn more]

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