Project Introduction

Deva, the capital of Hunedoara County, Romania, is a historical city with population of less than 60,000 (2011). The beautiful city has built its CCTV city surveillance system with Lantech industrial PoE switches and Sony’s PTZ dome cameras.


System Requirements

  1. 1000M Fiber connection for hundreds of Sony’s HD PTZ dome IP cameras
  2. Support IGMP v3 protocol for HD video streaming and multicasting
  3. 802.3at PoE 30W enabled
  4. Provide reliable networking service 24/7/365
  5. Sustain from wide range temperature of -10°C to 30°C
  6. Easy installation and effortless maintenance


The project adopted around 100 pieces Lantech IPES-3408GSFP industrial PoE managed switches to integrate with hundreds of Sony SNC-VM602R PTZ PoE IP cameras. The cameras are powered by IPES-3408GSFP via 802.3at PoE standard so that the HD video flow and power source can be satisfied with simply one RJ45 cable. 10~15 Lantech switches are connected in ITU ring topology to ensure the network reliability while all the rings are connected with 1000M fibers by RSTP protocol. The interrupt of the surveillance network is not allowed. This network topology not only ensures the high capacity for HD video streaming but also provides the high reliability network for non-stop city surveillance application.


Lantech Solution: IPES-3408GSFP

  1. Giga speed SFP connection is able to satisfy current bandwidth requirement and  also provides flexibility for future upgrade
  2. Comply with 802.3at PoE standard, providing up to 30W per port with PoE management functions
  3. ITU G.8032 standard ring protection, providing recovery time of lees than 20ms
  4. Support IGMP v3 protocol for best integration with Sony’s HD PTZ cameras
  5. Support IGMP router port, which can shorten the query distance between video source and receiver, to prevent network flooding
  6. Rugged IP30 housing with operating temperature from -20°C to 60°C
  7. Durable product design with almost 300,000 hours MTBF
  8. Powerful HW/SW spec with competitive price means the best Cost/Performance ratio


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