Project Introduction

Located in SouthEast Asia, Malaysia consists of 13 States and 3 Federal Territories. The country is constructing a full Wireless City Surveillance System for its 25 City Councils nationwide from East and West Malaysian States, streaming real-time full HD resolution videos and real-time emergency announcements entirely over AIRAYA's secure outdoor wireless network to 50 Monitoring & Control Command Centres. Lantech's industrial Ethernet switch is adopted for the project and has been successfully installed into the network.

System Requirements

  1. 8 ports 10/100TX RJ45 for several IP devices
  2. Support IGMP protocol for seamless and smooth video streaming
  3. Provide reliable networking service 24/7/365
  4. Sustain from equatorial climate - high temperature with high humidity
  5. Easy installation and effortless maintenance


As of October 2014, the project deployed over 500 units of Lantech IES-2008B industrial managed switches and the quantity is still increasing. Each station consists of several IP devices, including AIRAYA's secure outdoor bridge, IP camera, and IP speaker, connected by Lantech IES-2008B. Real-time videos and audio data are transmitted wirelessly between stations and command centers. Thanks to IGMP snooping, query and source only ability, the Lantech IES-2008B is able to transfer the video and audio data reliably, preventing the network flooding.


Lantech Solution: IES-2008B

  1. Provides 8 X 10/100TX RJ45 ports that satisfy the connection requirement of all IP devices
  2. Support IGMP snooping, query and source only for multicast IP surveillance
  3. Rugged IP30 housing with operating temperature from -20°C to 60°C
  4. Wide operating humidity (up to 95%) is able to sustain from humid equatorial climate
  5. High compatibility with HP management software
  6. Competitive price and the best Cost/Performance ratio


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